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Sue can be hired for a variety of venues,

including libraries, retreats, conferences,

house concerts, house parties,

senior groups and just about

anything else you can think of.

In addition to a program of storytelling, Sue offers several ideas

to enhance house parties, bridal showers, birthday and

anniversary parties, light-hearted guest “roasts,” barbecues,

baby showers, and theme parties, etc. She can appear

“in character" and liven up the event.

Examples of characters she portrays:

      -Geri Robics: that effervescent geriatric aerobics instructor who appears at landmark birthday parties for women (40, 50, etc.) and wreaks havoc and mayhem while gently “busting" on the guest of honor. It’s light-hearted, positive and upbeat.

      -Nasty Nurse Brown: Well, she isn’t really that nasty, just funny and quirky and can burst onto the scene with the same magical mayhem as Geri, and can liven up landmark birthday and/or anniversaries for both men and women. Watch out for her wiley ways and subtle (clean!) innuendos, with (ahem) interesting props to boot! (Remember, I said CLEAN!)

     -Game Show Host: Sue appears at your gathering as a lively game show host and initiates a round of "who wants to be a millionaire" type games, appropriate to your theme, in which the guest of honor has to answer questions in order to receive her gifts. The questions are usually VERY easy and often very funny. The questions might revolve around love and marriage, having babies, famous couples, movies,

tv shows, pop culture, etc. They're multiple choice and, like the TV game, the "contestant" can "ask the audience," phone a friend, or get a 50/50. This is a real hoot and gets the whole room going.

      -Senorita Sumac: A wild and crazy fortune teller who flits about the room with her crystal ball that only she can tune, like a TV set. The fun part is that she really does drop psychic insights to people around the room and leaves them scratching their heads when she suddenly must exit in time to "watch I Love Lucy" on the suspicious crystal ball.

      -Fairy Godmother: For the grown-ups. Sue grants wishes as she tells tales relevant to your theme.

Improvisational involvement can be included in your party such that your guests can also be engaged in a light-hearted round robin tell-a-story game. Again, props can be brought in to get the fun going. Or, consider having an entire evening of improv games guided by Sue.

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