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A sample list of Sue's original

stories* for telling:

The River: True tale of an amazing Romanian woman’s experiences and accomplishments.

The Angel and The Elf: This heartwarming and humorous true tale chronicles a

triumph and a miracle in the life of a disabled three-year old living in New York City.

Symptoms: The tale of a middle-aged couple and their foibles as they concern themselves (unnecessarily!) with his eighty-year-old mother.

Lost and Useless: The search for Lucy has a surprise ending.

Shouldn’t you be doing something? : A frenetic journey into one woman’s

attempt to relax.

The Dunce Cap: Betty buys herself an early Birthday gift. Then the fun begins as

she unravels the folly of her choice and has a life-changing experience.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot: A friend tells of family faux pas.

The Elopement: The adventures of a not-so-young couple when love calls but

Karma answers.

The Box: A woman, standing on a dock, awaits the arrival of a box. The boat is late and she is thrown into reminiscing about her father and the days of her life that led her to this point.

A really neat, "creepy" tale!

Miracle on Cherry Street: The true story of a special needs baby and a mother's faith.

Grandma Knows Santa: The hilarious and true story of her grandson's enthusiasm one Christmas Eve.

*Many of these stories each have a heroine as a central character, who either confronts her fears, learns a new life lesson, or demonstrates courage and dignity in the face of daunting challenges. This is what makes Sue's performances and workshops so compelling and a perfect fit for women's events (retreats, conferences, expos, house concerts, etc.)

She continues to develop more

and more stories that are best suited

to the grownup audience.

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