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"Sue McPhee is a fascinating teller who brings life and energy to her stories. Once she begins her story you just sit there in the palm of her hand and go to the places she takes you and come back again, safe and full. Her sense of humor and her lively telling carry the day." Lauretta Phillips, Author, Storyteller, Story Coach, member NSN, LANES, CNHSG

“Sue McPhee always delivers in her performances….whether it be eliciting a true belly laugh by her portrayal of a funny person…..or delivering a heartrending story of her experiences in a Romanian orphanage. Sue is one of those exceptional people who is able to convey a whole range of emotions through her choice of words, actions and expressions.

Also, while I served as the Administrator of the Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber sponsored several events where Sue McPhee conducted workshops on a variety of topics. These events were meant to be educational as well as entertaining for our members. Sue certainly delivered – offering excellent information and capturing the attention of the members during each workshop. Sue is extremely knowledgeable in her areas of expertise and is an engaging presenter. Sue was prompt, organized, articulate and credible. Her workshops were always a popular event for the Chamber and were well attended. I would highly recommend Sue to any organization seeking a knowledgeable and personable presenter.” Andrea Kaubris, World Languages Teacher

"Sue McPhee's skills as a storyteller are reflected in her ability to immerse herself in the character and story. Her acting experience and enthusiasm for descriptive details are immense and you are captured and just waiting for her to continue. She effectively uses vocal inflections, changing tones and vitality to bring her characters to life and enthrall the audience with the story."

Pat Mathison, Chairperson,

Greater Hillsborough Senior Services

"After attending a story telling performance by Sue McPhee, we asked if she could perform at our 25th wedding anniversary party. She suggested a comedy program similar to a "roast" but wouldn't tell us the details of exactly what she had in mind. A veteran of some thirty years of performing in stage, theater, film, radio and television productions, Sue put together a hilarious improvisational performance starring "Nasty Nurse Brown" (herself, in a takeoff of Nurse Ratched) that had our guests laughing hysterically for an hour. Many had tears in their eyes from laughing so much and commented afterward about Sue's talent for telling a story. We have attended other performances by Sue, telling stories both serious and funny and recommend her highly for any storytelling event. Watch for her performances around New Hampshire and don't miss an enjoyable time with Sue."

Richard Booth, President, Lakeside Design

“Sue McPhee is magic in motion. Her ability to unfold a story, to draw an audience in, to bring her worlds to vivid life, is a gift few others possess.”

Ted Mitchell, regional theatre director, author: Confessions of the Diva Rotundo

“Sue McPhee taught a class on improvisation to my seventh and eighth-graders. It was well-organized, totally age-appropriate, and student-centered. The students were engaged and enthusiastic for the entire period and disappointed when it was time to move to their next class. Sue’s presentation skills were excellent. She was at ease with the students, and they with her, from the very beginning of the class. The next day, they wanted to know if and when she was coming back because they enjoyed her presentation and activities. Sue was a definite hit with both groups of students with varying capabilities and personalities, including several with IEP’s.I highly recommend Sue McPhee for her presentation and organizational skills.”

Rhayna Teich, M.Ed., Middle School Teacher

Comments from recent performance at Hillsboro Senior Services:

"Sue is a very talented lady and we all enjoyed her storytelling."

"Wonderful stories enhanced by her expressions."

"I enjoyed her storytelling. She reminds me of Carol Burnett, my favorite comedienne."

"Wonderful entertainment!" Nancy Pattison

"I loved the way she could jump right in to her characters. We could actually visulaize what was happening." Estelle Cashion

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