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*Improv 101

Sue’s fun, innovative improvisation workshops are designed to conform to

any situation or request. The workshops can be done as brief, one-hour to an hour-and-a-half, introductory or advanced workshops or full three hour offerings. They can stand alone or be incorporated into a full function with a storytelling performance included (Sue’s one-woman-show). Either way, the workshops are designed to allow adults the opportunity to play, create, let their hair down, become more confident, and just “let it all hang out.” This is accomplished while learning some tried and true exercises and activities professional theatre performers engage in as stage warm-ups or for creating new material for a show.

The workshops are particularly appropriate for women's

retreats, conferences and expos.

In the workshops participants will learn how to:

1) relax and enjoy the unexpected.

2) work with a prop

3) use the body to express

character or mood

4) make vocal choices

5) talk

6) stop talking

7) pay attention to

EVERYTHING that's going on

8) get physical

9) get Unphysical


Please call Sue at 603-464-5119

to discuss options, availability and fees.

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