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Sue’s one-hour one-woman show,

A Tale of Two Rivers,

(scroll down for testimonials)

as well as other self-written story collections

are now available for your fundraising event.

Are you tired of selling over-priced popcorn,

candles and wrapping paper, as well as the time and effort it takes

to do this, only to earn as little as 20% of the selling price?

Are endless bake sales, raffles and car washes

exhausting your fundraising team?

Then call Sue at 603-464-5119.

She will tell you how easily and effortlessly

you can potentially raise more in one day

by hosting this show.

(Results may vary, depending on factors such as demographics, pricing and group effort.)

*Scroll down for some of the details.

The story, A Tale of Two Rivers, is based on compelling true tales

of her unique experiences working with infants and children

in New York City and in Romania.

The story is unexpectedly riddled with humor and compassion,

yet touching and thought-provoking.

Read some comments from folks who have

recently attended the show:

"Sue McPhee's one woman show, 'A Tale of Two Rivers,' is one you really don't want to miss if you can help it. Sue has carefully crafted this true tale to bring to life characters and places so well that you almost forget you aren't really there. This story is both touching and humorous."

- Lauretta Phillips, Storyteller, JP

NHSA Event Manager


“I thoroughly enjoyed attending

Sue McPhee’s performance of

'A Tale of Two Rivers' for seniors in Hillsboro, NH, this past October.

Sue’s lively sense of humor and expressive portrayal of the characters

transported me right into the story.

I could tell that the seniors who attended really enjoyed the show.

It was a wonderful performance – definitely worth attending!"

- Sara Darby, Recreation Administrative Clerk,Hopkinton

Recreation Department, Slusser Senior Center, Hopkinton, NH

“We have been hosting a Storytelling Dinner Program for 27+ years at the Corner House Inn.We cater to a primarily adult audience, although we have occasional adolescent listeners in attendance. Sue McPhee recently made her second appearance with us and presented the program 'A Tale of Two Rivers.' Sue’s stage presence was impressive and her storytelling ability captivating. Our audience was extremely enthusiastic about Sue’s performance and we received many wonderful comments after her storytelling. As much as the adults thoroughly enjoyed Sue’s program, we had one child in attendance that evening who remained truly spellbound throughout Sue’s program. She is truly a performer for all ages!”

- Don Brown, owner Corner House Inn, Center Sandwich, NH

A written note from an anonymous audience member in attendance at the Rochester, NH, show: "Exceptional. Your heart was in it along with your soul. The sparkle in

your eyes told everything."

From audience members in attendance at the Fuller Library program:

-"The hour went by so quickly! ..... I am surprised how mesmerizing you are." - J.R.

-"Truly astounding!! What a talented woman! Loved this performance. I wanted to hear so much more. She kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time." -Denise Desbiens

-"Very emotional performance.. excellent visuals... amazing hands..." -Anonymous

For more testimonials on Sue's storytelling abilities, please click here.

*Details on pricing for using Sue's performance as a fundraiser:

Pricing for fundraisers is negotiatable, depending on location and time. In general, the base rate goes from $200 - $250.

Depending on the circumstance, a percentage of house may be charged instead. This will include Sue's performance, phone/email conferences to arrange such performance, and material to include in your advertising. This fee arrangement would be payable in advance.

There may be an additonal travel fee, depending on location.

This would be discussed and agreed upon prior to the show.

A contract to be signed will be provided well in advance of the performance.

Please call 603-464-5119 or email if you would like more information.

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