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Sue McPhee, Storyteller, Actress, Massage

Therapist, workshop leader and

former college professor,

has been in love with the power of story

since she began to read.

As a child she literally devoured

books, magazines, plays,

anything she could get her hands on.

The library was her go-to place.

As an adult she has been practicing

in the intuitive, healing and

performing arts for nearly forty years.

Four-and-a-half of those years

were spent in New York City

helping infants and children

with disabilities. A highlight of those

years included a fifteen-day medical

mission to Romania to teach

the healing art of infant massage.

Sue loves to write and storytell from

these unique experiences and others.

A veteran of stage, theater, improvisation,

film, radio and television, Sue especially

loves the power of true, personal stories

and feels privileged to have had many adventures

(as well as misadventures)

from which to cultivate her favorites.

As a contributing author,

she documented a snapshot of

one of these adventures

in the highly acclaimed Amazon bestseller,

A Juicy Joyful Life, Inspiration From Women

Who've Found the Sweetness in Every Day.

Still working as

a self-employed massage therapist,

Sue manages to find the time to write

and storytell from the heart,

as well as offer improvisation workshops

in schools, retreats, and private settings.

Sue is a member in good standing

of several storytelling organizations

including the

Central New Hampshire Storytelling Guild,

the New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance,

LANES (League for the Advancement of New

England Storytelling), and the

National Storytelling Network.

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